Forward to a Campaign for The National Workers Organisation in Iran

Creating a national workers organisation is a necessity. Iranian workers are increasingly appreciating  this necessity in their work place and have deeply felt its absence especially during the current crisis and the increased attacks by  the capitalists and the reactionary forces. This necessity has been raised many times before from inside the workers movement in Iran and attempts were made a few years ago to bring it about. Unfortunately we are still far from achieving this task. It is only appropriate to raise this necessity once again in the 1st of May the international day of workers solidarity and resolutely strengthen our efforts for achieving it.
 Amongst all the internal or external alternatives and all the promises made for regime change or reforms what is common is the inevitable deterioration of the situation of workers and toilers and an intensification of attacks on their rights. The experience of the last decades has shown that given the current balance of forces, independent workers organisations at the local level or the individual and isolated trade unions or associations are easily suppressed and cannot seriously maintain a sustained activity. If the working class does not organise on a national level and fight for its common demands not only will it not be able achieve its most basic needs but will lose what it has already gained. The power of this class is in its class solidarity and without the unity of the broadest layers of the Iranian working class around their most immediate and common demands this power cannot be mobilised and the attacks by the capitalist regime cannot be pushed back. Isolated local actions and organisations have not so far been successful. Given the current crisis the struggle around the most basic and common demands of the workers will not only unite large sections of the class but draw behind it the support and solidarity of large sections of other oppressed and toiling  layers. As an example, the demands for freedom of expression and organisation, a minimum wage above the poverty line, unemployment benefits, free health and education and the removal of all inequalities based on gender, beliefs or nationalities are only few of the demands that hardly anyone can deny their national character.  Consistent and united struggle around such demands can change the balance of forces in favour of the working class and its allies. Wherever we are we can start today building the local units of this national movement. This movement will not be in opposition to the current sectional struggles by individual unions or associations for their own specific demands. On the contrary such a movement can  only help those struggles by changing the balance of forces against the capitalist regime.
We, a group of workers activists, emphasise once again the necessity for a national organisation of the workers and comradely ask all those belonging to this class to redouble their efforts in publicising and promoting this demand in their own area of activity and presence and try and take active measures towards building it.
May 1, 2018


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